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1. How can I achieve a stronger and more reliable signal to address signal loss or frequent disconnections between my wireless camera and NVR?

We highly recommend adding an "Extension Antenna" to enhance signal strength and connectivity. This is a strongly advised solution if you're experiencing signal loss or frequent disconnections between your wireless camera and NVR.

Installation Guide:

  • For the NVR: Locate the two black stick antennas at the back of your NVR when viewing from the front. Replace the left stick antenna with the Extension Antenna.
  • For Cameras at Disconnected Locations: Replace the existing stick antenna on the camera with the Extension Antenna.
  • Mounting the Extension Antenna: The Extension Antenna comes with a magnetic plate at the bottom, allowing you to easily attach it to metal surfaces. Alternatively, you can secure it using glue or tape.

To purchase the Extension Antenna, please visit the following link:

Click Here to Buy Your Extension Antenna

If the problem persists even after adding an Extension Antenna, please refer to FAQ #2 for further assistance in resolving this issue.

2. How can I resolve a signal loss problem or frequent disconnections between my wireless camera and NVR?

We recognize you're experiencing issues with disconnections.

This could be due to a worn-out camera power adapter, especially if your system has been in use for over two years. Remember, the power adapters for 24/7 security cameras may deteriorate quicker than those of other devices. Alternatively, Wi-Fi interference in the area could also be a contributing factor.

To troubleshoot this issue, we recommend the following step:

  • Consider replacing the power adapter for your camera.

Click Here to Buy Your Replacement Power Adapter

Should the issue remain unresolved after replacing the camera's power adapter, we encourage you to email our support team for additional assistance in addressing this problem.

3. How do I set up remote access on my smartphone to start monitoring using the Eseecloud app

Please click on the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser to download the instruction guide. This comprehensive guide covers everything from installing the Eseecloud app, adding your cameras, to connecting your NVR system. It details all the necessary steps for setting up remote monitoring from anywhere.

go to Remote View Setup

4. I recently purchased additional cameras, including the CVT-20WB, CVT-35WB, and other 3MP models. After pairing these cameras, they do not appear on the screen, and a 'resolution too big' error is displayed in the camera management settings. How can I resolve this problem?

To resolve this, you will need to update the firmware on your NVR system. Please follow the instructions provided in the guide linked below:

Go to Instruction to upgrade F/W

Ensure that the NVR remains powered on during the entire upgrade process to avoid any potential problems.

5. I cannot get any display on the built in screen.

I cannot get any display on the built in screen.
A: Make sure the system is power on & press the “screen” button front of the system. If it still does not display anything on the screen please contact the technical support at

6. I cannot get any display on monitor / TV using the HDMI output.

This is an issue caused by resolution compatibility. The default resolution on the system may not be compatible with some screen.
How to resolve the issue:
1. Right click on the mouse to bring up the main menu and go to: System setup > General setup > Screen setup > VGA resolution.
2. Change the resolution to “1080@60” and click “apply” to save.
3. If you are still having an issue please try to lower the resolution one at a time until you find the correct resolution that works with the screen.

7. Why some buttons on the system / App does not function?

The system / App is developed to work with different model systems, so it has to cover all the functionalities which your model may not work with.

8. The system does not go ONLINE.

Please make sure the you have connect the NVR system to the router using the Ethernet (LAN) cable, and right click on the mouse to bring up the main menu and go to: Fast Network. In the fast network click on the “Auto config” & click “yes” for the confirmation message. This will renew the IP address of the system, and once it is finish your system should be ONLINE.

9. I cannot connect using IP Pro application. “PWD Error”.

PWD Error shows up when the username & password you have enter in while adding the device does not match the username & password on the NVR system. To resolve this issue first delete the device you have added by touching “...” (3 dots) > delete. Once you have delete the device touch the “+” > Add device by ID / Cloud ID. Now enter in your 9 digit cloud ID number, descriptions, username, password, and touch “submit”. Now touch the device you have just added to start the remote view. Note: Username & password are case sensitive, and make sure to enter in the system username & password.

10. Do I have to have a router or internet service to use the system?

No, you don’t have to have a router or internet service. The NVR has built-in WiFi router enabling automatic connection to the cameras. Note: Internet service is only require for remote viewing

11. Is there any sort of monthly fee for using the system?

No, there is no monthly fee required for using the system.

12. How is Crystal Vision Wireless security system different from other wireless security systems?

Other wireless security system:
Other wireless security system without built in router rely on user’s existed home router WiFi. All the cameras & NVR need to be connected to the home WiFi as separate devices. This will eat up your home WiFi bandwidth, and causing lot of traffic within the home network (router).

Crystal Vision Wireless security system:
The Crystal Vision system has built-in standalone WiFi router. This will allow the cameras to connect directly to the NVR system without going through the home router. In result Crystal Vision system provide faster & stable connection to the cameras and does not eat up your home WiFi bandwidth.

13. Do I need to connect the cameras to the router to set up WiFi?

No, the cameras are pre-sync with the NVR system and it will connect automatically. You just need to power on each cameras and NVR to view the cameras.

14. Can I connect the NVR system to the internet using WiFi (wireless) connection?

No, the NVR system needs to be connected to the router using an Ethernet (LAN) cable. The built-in router is just for the connection between the NVR system to the cameras.

15. How do I replace with new Crystal Vision camera?

In case you have issue with the camera defective issue, or lose the connection of a camera on your system, you can follow below steps to reconnect the camera back into you system.
1. Take the new camera next to the NVR.
2. Connect the camera to power via power adapter.
3. Use the network cable to connect camera to the NVR’s LAN port.
4. Right click mouse in your system to bring up the main menu and go to: “Video Manage”.
5. Before you can reconnect the camera please remove the not working camera from the bottom chart by selecting the camera and clicking the “delete”.
6. From “Video Manage” click “refresh” to load up the camera information.
7. Once the camera information is shown on the top chart click on “Match Code” to sync the new camera to the system.
8. When it is done the camera listed will move to bottom chart indicating the camera has been added to the system.

16. The average lifespan of a hard drive:

The average lifespan of a hard drive is three to five years. However, this number is not absolute because several things affect a hard drive's life span and performance. (please remember security systems are runs 24 hrs).

17. HDD is not found.

For troubleshooting,Test your NVR system "without the Hard drive" and if everything works and if it doesn't restart again then it is a hard drive problem.

How to remove & replace the hard drive:
1. Turn off your NVR system and start unscrew the system box.
2. When you open the box then you will see the Hard drive.
3. On the Hard drive there are two cable connection and start unplugging the two cables.
4. Bottom of the system there are two screws and start unscrewing to remove the Hard drive.
5. (Important) after you remove the Hard dive, Turn on the power and check your screen and cameras are working. Checking for (firmware is working fine or not) without the Hard drive and no more rebooting, then now you can replace with New Hard drive and follow backward the directions.

18. If you want to ( Save / Backup) your video then here is how:

Using a USB stick.
1. In front of NVR there is a USB port and put your USB stick in there.
2. Right Click to bring up the main menu, and go to "Video Backup"
3. Select the "Camera Channel"
4. Select the record mode for search. (select from Manual, Time, Motion)
5. Select the Date & Time frame (start time ~ end time) for search
6. Click "Search" to load the recorded video files.
7. Find the channel and time frame of all of the files you will like to back up and "Check" the Box on the right.
8. Once you have check all the box click "Backup" to transfer the data to External Hard Drive.

19. For Repair & Replacement

We offer a 1-year limited warranty on our products. To avail of warranty service, please provide us with proof of purchase. Note that we do not offer prepaid shipping labels for returns. If your warranty period has expired, charges may apply for repairs or replacements.

For more details, please visit the following link:

20. How can I connect and view my cameras remotely on my computer?

You can use the EseeCloud CMS software to view your cameras remotely. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Instruction manual here.
  2. For Windows PC, download the software here.
  3. For Mac OS, download the software here.
  4. Follow the installation steps outlined in the manual and familiarize yourself with the usage instructions.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to set up remote viewing on your computer using EseeCloud CMS.